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Most Expensive Wedding in History

 Every culture on our planet has wedding ceremonies. They may differ from culture to culture, but they always mean the same things. It is a moment of official recognition of the union of two people. Most wedding ceremonies assume that when people get married, they become one in the eyes of God and men. Another crucial part of any wedding ceremony is a celebration. And again, each culture, originally, had its own way to celebrate weddings. But with globalization wedding ceremonies more and more often become alike. This is both bad and good. Although even today, almost in every country, in rural areas, people still arrange traditional wedding ceremonies. Anyway, Best Single scorpio women from Ukraine for dating.

As a rule, people tend to invite many guests to their weddings. They try to make their weddings as lavish and grand as it is only possible. Even people in underdeveloped countries in small villages without a single doubt will invite all their neighbors to their weddings. People from all cultures are like that. For example, in America, young couples quite often also invite many people. Of course, to make a wedding ceremony for so many guests, you will have to provide them with food, drinks, and entertainment. This can be very cost full. Furthermore, when you invite many guests to a wedding, you simply can’t afford your grooms and brides to look cheap and second-rated.

The main reasons why people spend so much on their weddings

Did you know that the average wedding cost in Northern America is about $26,000? Usually, American citizens spend somewhere between $19,00 and $32,00 to arrange their weddings. Celebrities spend even more. For them, even $1 million may not be sufficient to arrange everything they want. So, frequently, even those you currently have no partners and have problems with dating in the 30s, try to save money for their weddings. But why people want to have expensive weddings?

1. People want to have good memories

Frankly speaking, this is one of the main reasons behind our desire to have expensive weddings. We want to have good memories of this event. You see, ideally, people have only one wedding during their whole lives. Thus, they don’t even think about saving money on such a glorious and unique event. After all, those memories, photos, and vids will remain with them forever. For this very reason, people often take loans to pay for their wedding ceremonies.

2. They want to impress others

Sad but true, quite often when people arrange expensive weddings they do it simply because they want to show off. Maybe, deep inside, they just want to have a small celebration with their parents, closest relatives, and friends, but they still arrange celebrations for hundreds of guests simply because it feels good. People, who do this, love when others admire them or feel jealous of their success.

3. Traditions

Traditional wedding ceremonies are always huge and expensive. All nations around globes have stories about their national leaders or other powerful figures who arranged huge and expensive weddings for their sons and daughters. Consequently, from the traditional point of view weddings must be huge, expensive and loud.

4. Society

This reason is very closely related to the previous one. Traditions by themselves are meaningless if there is no one to maintain them. Thus, those people who secretly want to have a small wedding, arrange large and very expensive ceremonies simply because they fear what their surrounding will think about them. Humans are very social beings, and we will never feel comfortable if we are rejected by our society. Thus, this is nothing more than a social adaptation mechanism.

5. A desire to have an impressive party

Everyone loves huge parties, especially when we are in the center of attention. A wedding is a very nice occasion to throw such one. Unlikely there are people who will refuse to spend such a pleasant and funny evening together with their significant others. Also, two loving people may sincerely want to show others how much they love each other. After all, if a desire to throw a huge wedding party comes from you, then there are no reasons why you shouldn’t do this.

Finally, we have come to the most interesting part of our article. Earlier, we have already said that even $1 million won’t satisfy some people in their desire to arrange a wedding ceremony. Here, we will share with you the top 5 most expensive weddings. Plus, we will tell you more about the most expensive wedding in the world.

Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton

Well, it was stupid to assume that the wedding of the daughter of the former president of our country would be cheap, especially knowing that she was marrying a famous investment banker. The ceremony took place in Astor Courts in 2010. This is a very nice place where you can see the Hudson River in all its glory. They spent approximately $5 million on their wedding.

Coleen McLoughlin and Wayne Rooney

In 2008 famous soccer player Wayne Rooney, who played for Manchester United then, decided to get married to his girlfriend: Coleen McLoughlin. Their marriage took place in 2008 in the Abbey of Cervara near Genoa, Italy. To make it possible, Wayne had to charter five private jets to transfer more than 60 guests to their wedding. They spent more than $8 million on their ceremony. However, one famous magazine paid $4.2 million for the right to have exclusive photos from this event.

Kate Middleton and Prince William

This is the first royal wedding on our list, but we can already see the significant rise in price. Altogether, prince William and Kate Middleton spent little less than $35 million on their wedding. In 2011 their ceremony was called “The Wedding of the Century.” The ceremony took place in Westminster Abbey. Right after it, the young couple paraded in a horse-drawn carriage through the main streets of London. They are future King and Queen of England.

Amit Bhatia and Vanisha Mittal

What else could we expect from the marriage of the daughter of one of the richest men in the world? It is not a surprise that her wedding is the most expensive one in the 21st century. Her father had to pay more than $66 million. They arranged a wedding in Vaux-le-Vicomte near Paris in 2004. This chateau was built in the 17th century. Even though they launched a firework from the Eiffel Tower, sadly, their marriage didn’t last long. They broke up at the beginning of 2013.

Prince Charles and Diana

They married in 1981 and immediately their wedding has become the most expensive wedding of all time. Diana and Charles on their wedding had more than 3,500 living witnesses and almost a billion live viewers from all around the world. Princess Diana wore a wedding gown that was covered in almost ten thousand pearls. Its train was approximately 25 feet long. Also, she traveled from her place to the cathedral in a glass coach. Sorrowfully, their marriage didn’t last long either. In 1996 the famous couple divorced. The princess Diana, together with her new lover Dodi Faye, died the next year in a tragic car crash.

Facts about the most expensive wedding ceremony in the whole world

They had known each other for several years before their marriage. For the first, they met in 1977. Back then, Prince Charles was dating Lady Sarah, her elder sister. Their relationships began to develop when they both were guests at the country weekend. After it, the prince invited Diana to spend a sailing weekend with him. After some time, they decided to get married, but they kept their engagement secret. Later, partners confessed that they had met only 13 times before the official announcement of their engagement.

Wedding rings

According to the old national tradition, their rings were crafted from the gold that was mined in Clogau St David’s mine. This mine is located in Bontddu. It was so-called Welsh gold. The tradition to use it for royal wedding rings appeared in 1923.


As you have guessed, they didn’t plan to save money on music. They invited three orchestras and choirs and one fanfare ensemble. The list of invited masters of music included John Scott, Barry Rose, Christopher Dearnley, Richard Popplewell, and many others.


We have already mentioned that Princess’s wedding dress was decorated with 10,000 pears, but there were more decorations such as lace, hand embroidery, and sequins. It was made of ivory silk taffeta. In 1981 they spent £9,000 on it. In today’s money, it is more than £35,000. In turn, Prince Charles was dressed in a naval commander uniform.

Guests and Gifts

The couple invited many important and influential personalities of their time, but this wasn’t surprising. The interesting fact about this wedding is that Princess Diana invited the staff worked in the nursery school. She used to work at this school before the wedding ceremony. The young couple received many expensive gifts from all corners of the world. For example, from the USA, they received a handmade porcelain centerpiece made by Boehm. Some of those gifts, after the wedding, were displayed in St. James’s Palace.

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