Month: March 2020

Most Expensive Wedding in HistoryMost Expensive Wedding in History

 Every culture on our planet has wedding ceremonies. They may differ from culture to culture, but they always mean the same things. It is a moment of official recognition of the union of two people. Most wedding ceremonies assume that when people get married, they become one in the eyes of God and men. Another crucial part of any wedding ceremony is a celebration. And again, each culture, originally, had its own way to celebrate weddings. But with globalization wedding ceremonies more and more often become alike. This is both bad and good. Although even today, almost in every country, in rural areas, people still arrange traditional wedding ceremonies. Anyway, Best Single scorpio women from Ukraine for dating.


Outdated Trends in Wedding: What Not to Do in 2020Outdated Trends in Wedding: What Not to Do in 2020

Wedding, this word both scares and inspires people. When planning a wedding, we always want to make it perfect. After all, ideally, you are going to have only one wedding ceremony in your life. So, this has to be a day to remember or a real fairy tale. Let’s imagine that the best hot women dating site did its job, and now you have a great romantic partner with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. Sooner or later, the time will come to planning and arranging the wedding. This is both an exciting and exhausting process, and sooner or later, everyone faces it.

Without a single doubt, wedding celebrations take a special place in our hearts. This is why you need to make sure that everything not only will go according to plan but also that your planned wedding is going to be very well designed. In today’s world, fashion trends change almost every month. Trends that were popular two months ago, today may seem old and boring. Surely, you don’t want your guests to feel bored at your wedding ceremony. But it is almost impossible to keep track of all of them, especially when you have other chores related to planning a wedding.

Top 10 outdated trends to avoid when planning a wedding

As we have said, if you are not working in the wedding industry, you will have a hard time tracking modern wedding trends. Quite often, young grooms and brides search for ideas on the same the most popular wedding websites. So, as a result, they find the same activities and ideas. Unfortunately, when overused, even the best ideas will seem boring or even annoying. Today, we are going to share with you the top 10 trends that have expired at the beginning of 2020. We hope that with our help, you will manage to have a perfect wedding ceremony that will satisfy you and your guests.

  1. Candles, flowers and other “atmospheric” things on tables

Surely, you can have a wedding ceremony without tables. However, you need to understand the main purpose of tables at wedding ceremonies. It is always great when tables are beautifully decorated and play their role in creating the whole atmosphere of your wedding. But, this is not their main purpose. They exist to allow your guests to reach food with comfort. Therefore, all those candles, flowers, and centerpieces on your tables will serve more like obstacles. This will negatively affect your guest’s comfort. They simply won’t be able to relax and enjoy themselves is there will always be a risk to ruin their costumes and dresses by one false move.

  • Funny photo booths

Nope, those are not funny. Well, we mean that they may be funny, but you don’t need those things at your wedding ceremony. Without a single doubt, recently, photo booths were very popular, and people used to have at least one of those at their weddings. Nevertheless, these photo booths look very cheap, and there is nothing special about them. Today, a photo booth can make even the best wedding look a second-rate. Plus, you definitely don’t want to have photos that look very similar to those that other people have from their weddings or even your friends. Instead, you should hire a nice professional photographer, who will make sure that in the end, you will have a whole bunch of beautiful and funny photos.

  • Wedding signs

Needless to say that signs can be critical. For example, if you are planning to have your wedding ceremony in some forest. But even then, there is no point in using a whole bunch of them. I hope you are not planning to have your wedding in a very dangerous place because only in this case you will need to have many warning signs to protect your guests from sudden deaths. In every other case, it is better to avoid using signs at all. Remember, your guests are mostly adults, and they won’t have any problems with finding something at your wedding. However, you may need to use signs to show a way to restrooms, but only if they are very hard to find.

  • Covers for chairs

It is hard to say why people decided to do this. I don’t see any point why someone would need those unless they are not satisfied with the initial colors of chairs. Instead of spending money on covers for your chairs, you can use saved money to get better chairs. Maybe for people in early eighties covered chairs used to look nice and pretty, today this seems too old-school and won’t impress anyone. Plus, those covers may create additional inconveniences for guests, and you definitely don’t want this.

  • Bridesmaids in matching Dresses

And again, I have no idea who decided that matching dresses are a great way to show your guests who your best friends are. By making your girls wear the same color dresses, you will only show everyone that you have a terribly bad taste. There are a whole bunch of way better ways to draw attention to your friends. For example, you can gratitude them by allowing them to choose the colors of their dresses if they agree to wear that their dresses should be of the same length. Remember, the more colorful people you will have, the more beautiful and bright your wedding will look. By letting them choose the colors of their dresses, you will allow them to use those dresses for other occasions. Plus, they will feel more confident dressed in what they like.

  • Party Favors

Usually, hosts tend to place small gifts on guest’s tables before the beginning of wedding ceremonies. Certainly, it is not a very bad idea to thank people for coming to your special day, but we have problems with its implementation. Most frequently, those gifts are rather small and cheap. So, in no way, they show your guests how much you truly appreciate them. Instead of giving all those candies, you can thank them with a nice gesture. For example, the best way to show your appreciation and express positive emotions is to have a little speech at the end of the ceremony.

  • Decorated mason jars

Just forget about Mason jars wedding ideas. Yes, beautifully decorated mason jars may look very good, but this tradition is way too old not to be boring. The time has come for you to search for new and fresh ideas. After all, this is your wedding ceremony, and you need to make it look interesting and fun. As you have guessed, having mason jars is definitely not the best way to do this. Use the internet to search for some great ideas on how you can decorate your wedding ceremony with new and truly interesting things.

  • Forget about Candy Buffets

Without a single doubt, you are a very kind and giving person, but candy buffets are not one of those things that can show your care about your guests. First of all, you must realize that candy buffets are extremely outdated. Secondly, sweets are the worsts snacks in the world. Don’t turn your wedding ceremony into a mess by pretending that it is a candy shop. Remember, your guests will come to you to have fun, dance, cheer, and celebrate your wedding. All those things require a lot of energy. Thus, they will get hungry very fast. Thus, it is better to buy additional snacks for the end of the night instead of wasting money on candy buffets. I can assure you that your guests will be much happier.

  • Exotic Cake Flavors

For some reason, people believe that exotic things are the best ones. Nope, you won’t manage to impress your friends and other guests with exotic cakes. The only thing that you will certainly do is disappoint them because not everyone likes the taste of exotic things in cakes. Most frequently, people prefer to stick with standard flavors. For example, vanilla and chocolate cakes are among the most popular ones. When choosing some bizarre flavors, be ready to end up with a pale of plates covered in leftover desserts. There are better ways to spend your money. So, forget about this terrible trend.

  1. Copying celebrity weddings

Celebrities have a tremendous influence on other people, and quite often, people try to copy their behavior, manners, and even wedding ceremonies. Some people feel more confident when they learn and copy behavior from celebrities. However, one should never copy the wedding ceremonies of other people, even popular celebrities. As you have guessed, you should let this trend go. Remember, your wedding ceremony must reflect your personality, and you will never be satisfied with it if you are going to copy it from other people. The best way to be happy with your wedding is to plan it by yourself together with your significant other. Thus, you will have a very personal experience.

We hope that our list of outdated wedding trends will help you to plan a truly perfect wedding. These are no strict rules, and if you feel like having mason jars on your wedding, then you should never deny yourself the pleasure. But make sure that you have carefully valued all pros and cons of your decision. After all, you can’t accept mistakes when planning a wedding ceremony. To have a smooth wedding, you will have to spend a tremendous amount on planning everything. Also, you should never plan your wedding alone. To make sure that everything will be perfect and satisfying for both of you, you should plan everything together with your partner.