Top 5 activewear trends in 2018

The way your style yourself to the gym leaves a crucial impact on how you workout. You might be cautious about how you look, but you need to be more cautious about what you wear. Gym clothes for women must be comfortable enough to allow their movements.

Best activewear to buy in 2018

Below, we list down some of the best activewear, which you must consider buying online:

  1. Leggings

When leggings initially became a trend, women started wearing it outdoors. It was a go-to option for comfortable pants and soon got adopted at the gym. Now, there are leggings especially produced for workout. These don’t just give you comfort and allow stretches, but also comes with style. You will find abstract prints, angel-winged prints, Aztec prints, and even leather prints. These are one of the coolest options in Activewear australia  and you must check out their collection.

  1. Tops

There are plenty of classy tops that let you flaunt your gym body when you’re working out. If you’re proud of how workout has transformed you, dawn these trendy options to bring out the curves. You’d be amazed by the trend that includes sexy crisscross yoga bra, printed sports bra, crop tops, hollowed singlet to wear on top of the sport bra, and more.

  1. Long-sleeved sports wear

If you’re still conscious about flaunting your body or you simply love the current trend, buy some long-sleeved sportswear. These also include crop-tops with long sleeves, pullover sweatshirts, zipped yoga jackets, and so on.

  1. Training sets

You might also like to buy a set of tops and bottoms that give you a complete outfit for the gym. These include sports bra and leggings, one-piece training suits, cropped hooded jacket with leggings, two-piece track suit, patchwork set, and more.

  1. Shorts

If you are comfortable flaunting a sexy booty at the gym, you can buy shorts for workout. Sports bra and shorts are ideal for gym wear as it lets you exercises without any discomfort. You also get variety for shorts as there are cool prints, sets of unicolor shorts, and some more options.

Fashion tips for activewear

  • Most activewear this year has one thing in common – they let you flaunt your abdomen. The crop tops or sport bras are small, and go a few inches below the breasts. The leggings are comparatively high and make your legs look longer and toned. When you couple these two together, it lets your abdominal muscles attract eyeballs. Thus, grabbing the clothes that let you flaunt your abdomen will be ideal picks for this year.


  • You need to buy the right shoes for the type of exercise you are regularly into. The high palm gym shoes are in trend currently and they support and comfort your feet.


  • You can also consider buying smart watches, speakers, and other electronics that keeps you pumped up during workout.

If you’re gearing up for your summer body, it is time you consider buying these activewear. These are going to boost up your workout regimen and help you retain a youthful body.

Shopping for your newborn baby

Shopping for your newborn baby can be exciting as a new parent. Your baby’s tiny clothes are extremely adorable and deserveyour time and attention to get the right options. Since it is different from shopping for yourself, you shouldn’t get carried away with buying fancy clothes.

Things to consider on buying baby clothes

We have listed some of the things to consider when buying clothes for your newborn:

  1. Comfort

Your newborn doesn’t have to impress anybody, so more than thinking about the look you need to think about the quality. Since babies have sensitive skin, you need to use comfortable fabric. Choose soft and breezy clothes for warm months and woolens for cold months.

  1. Buy essentials

Rompers are the perfect clothing option for newborns. Since your baby needs to wear diapers often, you will need rompers for at least a year. These usually come in three different sizes that are for babies between 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months. You can carry your baby outdoors with rompers and they are also suitable for indoor play. There are plenty of trendy baby clothes online and their prints will leave excite you!

  1. Size

As mentioned above, most clothing options will come in three different sizes for infants. After this, you will have clothing for 1-2 years and so on. You need to be specific about their height and weight when ordering clothes. Many kids grow faster than average and you might see your baby requiring 6-9 months clothing within 5 months. Keep their size in mind to eliminate the return process and also to make good use of the clothes.

  1. Handle with care

You can buy the best quality products from brands like Amazon, but if you don’t keep it well, it won’t last. You need to take care of their clothes, wash them with soft detergent, and make sure they feel comfortable. Maintaining hygiene is necessary especially as they can soil their clothes. You always need to keep a fresh change handy.

  1. Easy to clean fabric

You should try and buy clothes that don’t tire you out while washing. You need to use fabric that doesn’t stain and can easily wash out grime without much effort. Choose antibacterial detergents especially made for baby clothes for cleaning them.

  1. Don’t buy too many

Your baby will overgrow the size within a blink of an eye. You shouldn’t have a wardrobe full of clothes your baby won’t use or can hardly bare. Spend more on quality rather than buying more in quantity. Note their size at every step and assume how long they can wear a single piece of clothing. It will help you invest money in the right way.

You can go through plenty of online brands like Bubs Warehouse, Amazon, Walmart, and so on. These relieve you from the additional time you’d have spent to go shopping outdoors. You can also get accessories and footwear from these brands that give you a complete baby shopping experience.

How To Manage Depression Leading Up To Your Wedding

If you experience the mental illness that is depression, you worry about how it’s going to affect your everyday life. And in times of great stress, or when lots of people are relying on you to keep your mental health in check, it gets even harder. That’s why the time leading up to your wedding is such a hard time. Sure, it can be fun to think about bridesmaid dresses and your favorite band playing at your reception, but there are many people to think about and decisions to make. What if two people next to each other cause drama? And what if it’s too much pressure, and you’re doubting your commitment in the first place?

The fact is, it’s going to be a challenge. Everything is when you’re struggling with depression. That’s why it’s so important to understand how to manage it best–and here’s how.

Understand your stressors

The first thing anyone with depression or anxiety issues needs to understand is what sets them off. For example, if your mother’s criticisms always stress you out, set up some boundaries with her. For example, don’t answer the phone unless someone else is in the room with you for emotional support, and have someone else handle the emails she sends you. Otherwise, you might end up falling into a spiral that’s one you’ve been falling into since you were a teenager, which might freak out your future spouse or cause your maid of honor to call you a Bridezilla.

If you haven’t identified your stressors already, it’s a good idea to sit down with your future husband or wife and talk about what they may be. What causes you to reach for a glass of wine or sit in your room in the dark for six hours? Tackle these early on, and if you need a therapist to learn what they are, it’s worth putting in the time. In 2016, 21 percent of women had a mental illness, and that’s only women. That goes to show that even if we don’t talk about it, these are still real issues that affect a huge number of Americans.

Have one “no wedding talk” day a week

Sometimes, the easiest way to get away from your stressors is by finding other activities to replace them. If the wedding is stressing you the way a logo designer gets stressed before a big deadline, then it’s smart to reserve one day a week when you don’t talk about the wedding at all. Don’t answer calls or emails related to it, and don’t schedule any dress fittings or cake tastings that day. Give yourself that day to catch up on your normal life admin. Get home and act like you did before, whether that’s going to the gym or watching some Netflix.

In this same vein, it’s smart to plan a special day that’s just for you. Give yourself one day a week (on the weekend, preferably) to do what you love. Go for a hike, or go to a spa. Considering that, in 2016, the spa industry was worth $16.8 billion, you’ll find the right thing to relax you and make you feel like you’re back to normal.

All of this being said, we know that however well you’re treating yourself, you’re always going to have hard days when you’re depressed. Even if you think you’re doing all you can, if you’ve been prescribed medication or a certain number of hours of therapy a week, keep doing that. It’s essential for your health.

Don’t rely on alcohol

It’s also easy during this busy time to drink too much. Or rely on other habits that aren’t healthy for you. However tempting it may be, you’re only going to wake up more depressed (and probably hungover). You’re not alone, of course: many people have drinking problems, and it’s proven by statistics like the fact that fetal alcohol disorders are up to ten times more common than believed.

The last thing you want in the months leading up to your wedding is developing an unhealthy addiction. It’s empty calories and will worsen your depression, which will also have unwanted physical effects. If you think now that you’re super-stressed your drinking habits are getting even worse, bring this up with a professional to find healthy solutions for dealing with stress.

You may never find the perfect balance between your depression and these busy times in your life, but by using these strategies, you’ll be doing the best you can, and the people you love will understand. They know that what matters most is your happiness on your big day, and they’ll support you during this time no matter what.

What other strategies will work for managing your depression in the months leading up to your wedding?

Fine Options for the Best Streaming Options Now

All the answers to the questions that you ask yourself about this silent revolution but not without importance…

Streaming, what does it change?

If we had to remember one word of this year 2016 in the world of music, it would be that one. Occupying an increasingly important place in the industry, streaming disrupts everyone’s habits. Auditors, artists, record companies … everyone must adapt to this new consumption model that could well revive the economy of a sector in crisis for many years. Booska-P tells you more about the phenomenon.

What is streaming?

Appeared a few years ago on the internet, streaming allows a continuous playback of audio or video content without having to perform a prior download. While streaming has popularized by allowing Internet users to watch, often illegally, movies or series on the web, it also exists in a more framed form since the appearance of video sharing platforms that are Demand Africa,Youtube, Dailymotion and other…

Gently but surely, the ability to view or listen to content for free (in exchange for viewing an advertisement in most cases) has overtaken the logic of purchase, whether material or virtual ( disc or digital for audio, Blu-ray / DVD or VOD for video). Conscious of this reality, services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Tidal … have appeared by offering, in exchange for a paid subscription, unlimited access to the content of their catalogs. As a result, paid streaming has become an alternative to conventional consumption.

What does it change?

If in the United States, streaming is already the first mode of paid consumer music in front of the physical and digital (34.3% of revenue), this is not yet the case in Africa. However, its dazzling rise (+ 44%, 12.8 billion titles listened to in Africa in the first quarter of 2016) augurs a comparable outcome in Africa.

Main consequence, this novelty has re-launched an entire sector (+ 6% revenue in the first quarter of 2016, better result since 2010). By allowing everyone to access millions of titles and projects in exchange for the sum of 10th, streaming has put a brake on the rise of illegal downloading. Although they now take different forms, sales are back.

New context, so new rules … Without any doubt, this new way of consuming will lead to a new way of selling. It is the law of supply and demand. From now on, it is no longer an incentive to buy, but to listen. Few people will make a pecuniary sacrifice to acquire a project nowadays. By cons, many more will be those to listen to a project on their applications, especially as these plays will cost them nothing more. Already, artists have adapted their strategies. Their music must today spread to the maximum, without necessarily entail the purchase.

4 Considerations If You’re Getting Married Next Fall

With wedding season upon us, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the biggest weddings going on around you. While it’s perfectly natural to fret about how your wedding is going to compare next fall, there are a few things you should bear in mind first. And if this is something that’s been stressing you out, then I’ve compiled a few helpful tips you should consider. Check them out below:

Establish Your Budget

If you’re going to be getting married, one of the first considerations you need to make is what your budget looks like and why. As no one likes to put themselves into debt over their wedding, this is a serious consideration you and your significant other need to make. According to Fortune, the average cost of a wedding is $35,329, which is quite the steep price tag; and as starting your life with someone else means you all will be sharing finances, it’s time you sit down with them to discuss a reasonable budget.

First and foremost, talk about any current financial obligations you have, including if you need to pay off credit cards or other outstanding debts. From there, go through what you’re looking for in a wedding, as well as the max amount you’re willing to spend on it. This will help decide what’s priority to include such as how important the venue, catering, or location is. Try to hash out as many as details as possible beforehand, giving yourself some breathing room for incidentals and ensure that everything is accounted for.

Focus On The Details

Once you’ve established your budget, it’s time to start diving into the nitty-gritty of things. Although commonly overlooked, being frugal on certain details from your wedding can be an important aspect, as well as making sure all of your bases are covered. However, as you defined above the hierarchy of what’s must-haves for you both to spend money on, this process can be much more simple than you might imagine.

In glancing through what you both want out of your wedding, first go through the essentials, as well as how you can save. For example, perhaps you’re looking more for affordability on your wedding and bridesmaid dresses. According to Brides, the average bridesmaid dress can cost between $150 to $200; however, by going with a bridesmaid dress that’s a little more affordable, you’ll be in a much better position to pick your dream dress. All-in-all, looking at things from this angle will be much more beneficial long-term and something you should consider as you move along.

Be Mindful Of How Big The Guest List Is

Although it sometimes can be an unfortunate thing to deal with, limiting your guest can be a necessary strategy to consider. According to XO Group, the average wedding has approximately 136 guests, which depending on the type of food, drink, and venue you’re providing can vary per the cost of each person. Which, if you’re looking to cut down on, then addressing it sooner rather than later is crucial.

In sitting down with your significant other, run through the absolute “must haves” at your wedding, including immediate family and friends. From there, set a hard cap (couples included) between you both, going through who each should bring to the wedding. For those that didn’t, reach out to them and possibly invite them to the reception or them to hang out at another arrangement, such as a happy hour. The goal here is to be able to enjoy this experience with as many people as possible, knowing that everyone feels a part of your new life with your significant other.

Don’t Forget About The Honeymoon

Finally, as an aspect some people consider even more essential than the wedding itself, your honeymoon is going to be a vital aspect. No matter if you included it in your budget or not, this is well-worth the financial commitment, as it’s the celebration of new love between you and your special person. However, as noted by Creditdonkey, with the average honeymoon costing between $4,000 to $5,000, this is one of the more expensive vacations you’ll take, but also that’s one well-worth it.

Similar to the process of planning your wedding, sit down with your significant other and start mapping out the places you want to have a honeymoon. Depending on your budget, it’s okay to wait a little bit after you get married to truly engulf yourself in a trip, giving some time to be flexible. Remember, this is the celebration of your new love together, so take the time in making it a perfect occasion you’ll remember for the rest of your lifetime.

What are some considerations you think are good to take care of before getting married? Comment with your answers below!

What Not To Do When Naming Your Business

Naming your business is the most fundamental part of starting one. It is what will be on your paperwork, your business card, your marketing materials, and most importantly, your customer’s minds when they think of your products or services. Naming is an art form, however, so it is crucial not to pick whatever you think of first or what sounds the cleverest.

Your business’s name can make or break it. Think about it: how likely are you, as a consumer, to buy something from a company that sounds ridiculous, or one you are embarrassed to confess you frequent? You do not want to be a business someone feels sheepish or guilty from interacting with, so your name should be something both you and your customers are proud to say.

Don’t waste your time

You are probably going to spend a significant amount of time devising your business name, but make sure it is not in vain. Gil Eyal from HYPR!, a member of the Forbes Agency Council, advises:

“One of the worst things that can happen to a new business is that the owners spend time and money promoting a certain name, only to find out that someone else has been using it. Even if they haven’t registered a trademark, someone might own the rights simply because they were using it first. A quick Google search is an absolute must, and you may want to supplement it with a professional trademark search.”

This step is a parallel one that lasts the entire naming process. When you think you have found the perfect title, always double-check online and with professional registries before finalizing anything. You do not want to have to start from scratch again, or worse find yourself on the wrong end of a lawsuit. It may also be in your best interests to use a company name generator to save time and go from there.

Don’t forget to make it unique

On a similar note, look at as many of the pre-existing business names in your industry as you can. Even if the moniker you have selected is not technically in use, that does not automatically mean it is wise to make it official. Is it too similar to another company’s name? Is it possible consumers could confuse the two of you? You want something that distinguishes you from the crowd, so sometimes it is necessary to “kill your darlings” (as writers say) and look at the big picture.

Don’t be insensitive

Some names are utterly ridiculous, and you do not want to be the butt of consumer’s jokes. Others are in outright poor taste, so when exploring puns (puns are often amusing and can make people smile), do not exploit something that marks you as insensitive. A restaurant named “Hindenburger,” for example (yes, it’s a real place) is named after a disaster in which dozens of people burned to death. The wordplay and fire theme may seem clever, but really? Likewise, a restaurant named Thai Tanic plays off the famous ship that killed over 1,500 people when it sank, so some puns are off-limits.

Don’t be too afraid of quirkiness

Working with puns is treading a fine line. Sometimes they make your eyes roll or are offensive—a seafood joint named A Salt & Battery Fish and Chips is cringeworthy—but other times they can be delightful. Another fish and chips outlet named Frying Nemo is a bit morbid, but it does not have the same insensitivity as the former. Literary puns are also an excellent way to go, like the Australian vegetarian restaurant called Lord of the Fries. You might want to smack your forehead, but it’s also fun to say.

Don’t impede your growth

Only include a specific place in your name if you plan to stay where you are. Place-specific businesses play essential roles in local cultures, but they limit themselves if they intend to grow beyond. Entrepreneur notes that a service titled “Manhattan Cleaners” will struggle to become a chain.

If you hope to expand, double-check that your name does not mean something else or have negative connotations in another language. Do not name your company “Gift,” for instance, if you ever want to do business in Germany, where the word means “poison.”

Don’t have a bad attitude

Yes, naming your business may take longer than you expect. The time will be worthwhile, though, because many bad names result from overzealousness or naive attitudes. Do not fall into the trap of thinking that your name is unimportant (which apps may be subject to because they especially rely on iconography), becoming short-sighted, or giving up if you run out of ideas. Climbing out of such predicaments detracts from the time your business could be thriving.

Even if you have had a moniker in the back of your mind for years, always double check that it is viable and valuable. Your success may depend on it. What do you plan to avoid when choosing a business name?

Why Invest In Home Cleaning Services

Handy would like you to ask yourself for what reason would it be a good idea for you to pay for home cleaning services? You know how to clean, and you may even complete a great job of keeping your home up. There are numerous reasons that you might need to search out these expert services, however. Regardless of whether you are confronting a circumstance in which you don’t have to utilize these organizations, it might be pleasant to do as such. What might you do with your extra time if you had it? You may find this could be a venture that progressions your life for good.

Staying aware of the Kids

How frequently do you surrender doing the things you cherish with the children since you have to tidy up? Have you at any point missed a soccer coordinate or needed to avoid a diversion since you needed to tidy up? If thus, a home cleaning organization can help you. They can deal with the difficult tasks and the bigger assignments that take up the majority of your chance every week. That way, you get more opportunity to do the things that issue to you the most.

Do You Struggle to Invite Guests Over?

One of the alternate issues numerous homeowners have is the powerlessness to welcome individuals over just to hang out. The issue is that you may need to spend a couple of hours cleaning and scouring your home before you can feel great about giving somebody access. That does not need to be an issue anymore. Truth be told, if you utilize these organizations all the time, you may find that you can even welcome your visitors at the entryway and feel great about enabling them to come in, regardless of whether they didn’t call first.

You Hate the Job

Very few individuals anticipate scouring toilets or cleaning out shower channels. If you simply would prefer not to take every necessary step, for what reason do as such? You can swing to an expert organization to deal with the way toward scouring, vacuuming and wiping. That way, you can do the things that you appreciate doing. Regardless of whether you could take every necessary step yourself, it might simply be better for you to let another person do it. You may find that this basic advance can have a major effect in the way you feel without stopping for even a minute. Handy is a company that allows you to find a professional cleaner to get all your chores done.

Is home cleaning the correct alternative for you? To discover how well this could fit into your lifestyle, put resources into an interview with an expert administration. They will go to your home and help you to find out about your alternatives. It is quick and simple, and it can enhance your satisfaction from the begin.

ultra thin 1.74 high index lenses

Wondering what you need to wear for spring time? Celebrity stylists from the realms of Kelly Ripa and Mariah Carey have you covered—even on those ultra thin 1.74 high index lenses that you’ve been eyeing here and there.


The first piece that you need in your wardrobe this spring is the Carla from Payne Glasses. These beautiful pair of oval frames are for the woman who loves to wear neutral colours and has angular facial features. Since they come in the specification of ultra thin 1.74 high index lenses, you’ll have thin lenses no matter how strong your prescription may be.


When it comes to spring, everyone automatically thinks about floral designs. It’s a must-have when it comes to bringing in a little more color and excitement into a bland wardrobe. Choose a mid-length dress with a subtle floral pattern. If you’re new to color, no need to go fire-engine red from the get-go. Instead, go with blues and greens with nice white petal flowers. A long dress that has its own belt will cinch in your waist and make you look like a bombshell ready to take over the world. Banana Republic has great takes on this classic silhouette of a style.


No one can go wrong with jeans. Think of this iconic image: Cropped blue jeans, a white tee and a pair of affordable black sunglasses—preferably ultra thin 1.74 high index lenses. If you’re not sure where to look for some good, durable jeans, you must no go any farther than Levi’s. This staple brand has the perfect, updated crop jean in number 501 where only a few rips show that the current cut is classic.


After slumping around in long sweaters, accentuate the curves and skin that you have beneath all that clothes with a structured striped t-shirt. This can be for the weekends, so don’t be afraid to go a little cropped on this one. Think “I’m going to pick a few daisies from the meadow” kind of look. A small twisted belt on the hem and you’re in business.


Keeping u with current trends in creative disciplines can be very conflicting

Keeping u with current trends in creative disciplines can be very conflicting. After all focusing on what other people consider ‘hot’ seems to have little to do with being innovative or creative.

That couldn’t be more wrong. 

Creativity is an ongoing conversation with ‘the viewer’. From the first known artistic expressions i.e charcoal drawing on the cave walls, we have learned to ‘read’ and extract meaning from other people’s work.

Regardless if we choose to adopt or resist current trends, we exist alongside and they provide the background, the context. Creativity is breaking away from the normative, and what is normative if not last years’ hottest thing.

Therefore, 2018 web design trends are as follows:

1. Broken Grid Layouts

Since layout provides the groundwork for a design, up til now it was used to bring peace and harmony. To rid themselves of constraints, designers are adopting broken grid layouts. Drifting images and text, overflowing images, overlapping words, surprisingly create an attractive contrast.

2. Illustrations

After dominating world of fashion and popular culture until late 60’s, illustrations are undeniably experiencing their comeback. Rough sketches paired with colorful abstract shapes appear to be inspiring more and more world known brands to refurbish their ‘looks’, i.e Dropbox, Shopify polaris.

3. Brutalism

2017 marks the beginning of this trend, but despite (or maybe because of) the shocking value, it is still present. Designers are given a space to do what they want instead of what they’re expected of, which often results in almost absolute minimalism (Balenciaga website) or borderline offensive (Gucci website)

4. Oblique Shapes

Card based UI’s has dominated web and mobile design for decades. Sharp edged, right angled cards seem to be a dying trend, as everyone from Google to Twitter to Instagram is adopting round corners. And it doesn’t stop on the primary elements, more and more designers are using organic shapes in their backgrounds with amoeboid blobs of color, drastic diagonals or even switching up the ‘normal’  90° angle of the perception.

5. Pervasive interactions and animations

As the viewer we want page to interact with us and keep us engaged – therefore designers are making it ‘move’ as you scroll down, presenting the information in a more appealing, and more digestible way. With that being said, parallax is last years trend, unless you want to mix with the speed of certain elements and create an exciting surprise.


Clean websites seem to no longer be in fashion, as this ‘over-boarding’ trend seems to go in pair with brutalism and illustrations. Will it pass or stand the test of time?

7. Sans Serif

The right font is a crucial element of design and Sans Serif is taking over by a storm with it’s ever elegant and ‘in touch’ feel and look.

8. Navigation menu

Unless your site is conversion focused, you  might consider ‘detaching’ the nav from the rest of the site design and moving it below browser’s chrome.

9 Layered Bob Styles: Current Haircuts for Any Event | Lovehairstyles.Com

Meta Description: Wondering whether to try layered bob this year? With many finishes and lengths, you can be guaranteed of a bob that will flatter your face, and ideal for your hair type.

How Are Flattery the Layered Bob Haircuts Today?

Nonchalant styles are familiar with high table celebrities. In the world we are living today where everyone is on the run to look great, rested and as if coming from a luxurious hotel, layered bob offers unlimited solutions for styling. Voluminous curly hairdos, little-tousled dos, and sleek even styles are available for you to choose.

Chin grazing is the leading classic bob version followed by a cropped cut. They usually feature an alluring Ombre or highlights. For the women with thin to medium hair, mixed layered bob works perfectly for them. In this category, we have various options such as stacked bob and graduated bob. Okay, let’s look at some of the stylish examples here.


  • Pretty Pale Blonde


You don’t necessarily need to apply dye on your thick hair to make the aspects appear fuller. A more robust tone will add a gentle touch to your layered bob style.

The pastel blonde will work well because it’s romantic. Ideal for sweet and seductive women.


  • Modern Blonde Bob


For the urban look, give a trial to a bold side part and extended bangs that complement with the entire choppy cut. To make the layers stand out, apply sea salt spray or mascara in case the hair is short.


  • Incomplete in The Shadow Bob


It is exclusively short layers. If you want to test the same length look with some dimension, this is for you. The colours are gorgeous! It starts with bold purple to orchid fuchsia and ends with the white…it is lovely!


  • Tangible Easy Wear Bob


As the name suggests, this hairstyle gives you unlimited options to play with your hair all the day yet remain in place and beautiful. However, if you have a cropped cut, you need to get the best stylist to bring it out well.


  • Cute Straight Bob


For a stylish bob, opt for a long hair in the front and close to the ear, and soft highlights. The haircut gives you many styling options.


  • Wavy Encrusted Bob


This beautiful haircut is composed of short waves and warm cinnamon colour that will bring instant change to anyone with red hair. For women with wavy hair, the maintenance for this hairstyle is effortless.


  • Swirl of Curls


If you want to add more texture and enjoy the beauty of various hues, curls are usually a great way to achieve that. The coils which are tightened results to wave-like patterns and the layers of the hair which are dyed screen the colours throughout the whole cut.


  • Shades of Blonde


One of the proved ways to bring out the dimension and also depth in a layered bob for sleek hair is to incorporating varying shades of one colour. The hue below the blonde makes the hair seem thicker at the back. The platinum on the front makes you look youthful.


  • Follow the Extremes


The deep orange colour of this style makes it eye-catching. Away from the beefed-up hue, the warm upturned cut with edgy bangs and tousled curls makes it unique.