Top 5 activewear trends in 2018

The way your style yourself to the gym leaves a crucial impact on how you workout. You might be cautious about how you look, but you need to be more cautious about what you wear. Gym clothes for women must be comfortable enough to allow their movements.

Best activewear to buy in 2018

Below, we list down some of the best activewear, which you must consider buying online:

  1. Leggings

When leggings initially became a trend, women started wearing it outdoors. It was a go-to option for comfortable pants and soon got adopted at the gym. Now, there are leggings especially produced for workout. These don’t just give you comfort and allow stretches, but also comes with style. You will find abstract prints, angel-winged prints, Aztec prints, and even leather prints. These are one of the coolest options in Activewear australia  and you must check out their collection.

  1. Tops

There are plenty of classy tops that let you flaunt your gym body when you’re working out. If you’re proud of how workout has transformed you, dawn these trendy options to bring out the curves. You’d be amazed by the trend that includes sexy crisscross yoga bra, printed sports bra, crop tops, hollowed singlet to wear on top of the sport bra, and more.

  1. Long-sleeved sports wear

If you’re still conscious about flaunting your body or you simply love the current trend, buy some long-sleeved sportswear. These also include crop-tops with long sleeves, pullover sweatshirts, zipped yoga jackets, and so on.

  1. Training sets

You might also like to buy a set of tops and bottoms that give you a complete outfit for the gym. These include sports bra and leggings, one-piece training suits, cropped hooded jacket with leggings, two-piece track suit, patchwork set, and more.

  1. Shorts

If you are comfortable flaunting a sexy booty at the gym, you can buy shorts for workout. Sports bra and shorts are ideal for gym wear as it lets you exercises without any discomfort. You also get variety for shorts as there are cool prints, sets of unicolor shorts, and some more options.

Fashion tips for activewear

  • Most activewear this year has one thing in common – they let you flaunt your abdomen. The crop tops or sport bras are small, and go a few inches below the breasts. The leggings are comparatively high and make your legs look longer and toned. When you couple these two together, it lets your abdominal muscles attract eyeballs. Thus, grabbing the clothes that let you flaunt your abdomen will be ideal picks for this year.


  • You need to buy the right shoes for the type of exercise you are regularly into. The high palm gym shoes are in trend currently and they support and comfort your feet.


  • You can also consider buying smart watches, speakers, and other electronics that keeps you pumped up during workout.

If you’re gearing up for your summer body, it is time you consider buying these activewear. These are going to boost up your workout regimen and help you retain a youthful body.

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