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All the answers to the questions that you ask yourself about this silent revolution but not without importance…

Streaming, what does it change?

If we had to remember one word of this year 2016 in the world of music, it would be that one. Occupying an increasingly important place in the industry, streaming disrupts everyone’s habits. Auditors, artists, record companies … everyone must adapt to this new consumption model that could well revive the economy of a sector in crisis for many years. Booska-P tells you more about the phenomenon.

What is streaming?

Appeared a few years ago on the internet, streaming allows a continuous playback of audio or video content without having to perform a prior download. While streaming has popularized by allowing Internet users to watch, often illegally, movies or series on the web, it also exists in a more framed form since the appearance of video sharing platforms that are Demand Africa,Youtube, Dailymotion and other…

Gently but surely, the ability to view or listen to content for free (in exchange for viewing an advertisement in most cases) has overtaken the logic of purchase, whether material or virtual ( disc or digital for audio, Blu-ray / DVD or VOD for video). Conscious of this reality, services such as Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music or Tidal … have appeared by offering, in exchange for a paid subscription, unlimited access to the content of their catalogs. As a result, paid streaming has become an alternative to conventional consumption.

What does it change?

If in the United States, streaming is already the first mode of paid consumer music in front of the physical and digital (34.3% of revenue), this is not yet the case in Africa. However, its dazzling rise (+ 44%, 12.8 billion titles listened to in Africa in the first quarter of 2016) augurs a comparable outcome in Africa.

Main consequence, this novelty has re-launched an entire sector (+ 6% revenue in the first quarter of 2016, better result since 2010). By allowing everyone to access millions of titles and projects in exchange for the sum of 10th, streaming has put a brake on the rise of illegal downloading. Although they now take different forms, sales are back.

New context, so new rules … Without any doubt, this new way of consuming will lead to a new way of selling. It is the law of supply and demand. From now on, it is no longer an incentive to buy, but to listen. Few people will make a pecuniary sacrifice to acquire a project nowadays. By cons, many more will be those to listen to a project on their applications, especially as these plays will cost them nothing more. Already, artists have adapted their strategies. Their music must today spread to the maximum, without necessarily entail the purchase.

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