Keeping u with current trends in creative disciplines can be very conflicting

Keeping u with current trends in creative disciplines can be very conflicting. After all focusing on what other people consider ‘hot’ seems to have little to do with being innovative or creative.

That couldn’t be more wrong. 

Creativity is an ongoing conversation with ‘the viewer’. From the first known artistic expressions i.e charcoal drawing on the cave walls, we have learned to ‘read’ and extract meaning from other people’s work.

Regardless if we choose to adopt or resist current trends, we exist alongside and they provide the background, the context. Creativity is breaking away from the normative, and what is normative if not last years’ hottest thing.

Therefore, 2018 web design trends are as follows:

1. Broken Grid Layouts

Since layout provides the groundwork for a design, up til now it was used to bring peace and harmony. To rid themselves of constraints, designers are adopting broken grid layouts. Drifting images and text, overflowing images, overlapping words, surprisingly create an attractive contrast.

2. Illustrations

After dominating world of fashion and popular culture until late 60’s, illustrations are undeniably experiencing their comeback. Rough sketches paired with colorful abstract shapes appear to be inspiring more and more world known brands to refurbish their ‘looks’, i.e Dropbox, Shopify polaris.

3. Brutalism

2017 marks the beginning of this trend, but despite (or maybe because of) the shocking value, it is still present. Designers are given a space to do what they want instead of what they’re expected of, which often results in almost absolute minimalism (Balenciaga website) or borderline offensive (Gucci website)

4. Oblique Shapes

Card based UI’s has dominated web and mobile design for decades. Sharp edged, right angled cards seem to be a dying trend, as everyone from Google to Twitter to Instagram is adopting round corners. And it doesn’t stop on the primary elements, more and more designers are using organic shapes in their backgrounds with amoeboid blobs of color, drastic diagonals or even switching up the ‘normal’  90° angle of the perception.

5. Pervasive interactions and animations

As the viewer we want page to interact with us and keep us engaged – therefore designers are making it ‘move’ as you scroll down, presenting the information in a more appealing, and more digestible way. With that being said, parallax is last years trend, unless you want to mix with the speed of certain elements and create an exciting surprise.


Clean websites seem to no longer be in fashion, as this ‘over-boarding’ trend seems to go in pair with brutalism and illustrations. Will it pass or stand the test of time?

7. Sans Serif

The right font is a crucial element of design and Sans Serif is taking over by a storm with it’s ever elegant and ‘in touch’ feel and look.

8. Navigation menu

Unless your site is conversion focused, you  might consider ‘detaching’ the nav from the rest of the site design and moving it below browser’s chrome.

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